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Are there any additional costs for the class? Textbooks?

CannyNurse™ Certificate Program - Cannabis Nursing

  • Yes. There is one required textbook which can be purchased as an ebook or paperback for $50-60.
  • Additionally, if, at the end of the program, you choose to become a registered CannyNurse™️, there will be an annual fee to license the CannyNurse™️ brand and use the done-for-you educational, marketing, and client materials. This is optional; more information on this will be shared during the course. If you choose not be become a registered practitioner, you will receive the same education, but you will not be able to call yourself a CannyNurse™️, use the CannyNurse™️ brand, be listed in the CannyNurse™️ practitioner directory, or use our proprietary forms and materials.

Become a Cannabis Nurse - CannyNurse® Certificate Program

Cannabis Nurse

We are excited to bring you the first Cannabis Nurse certificate program of its kind.

This 12-week cannabis nursing program is comprehensive enough to teach you what you need to know to start your career as a cannabis nurse in just 4 hours per week. Complete your annual CEU requirements and learn all you need to know to help your patients navigate the therapeutic world of cannabis. Open to LPNs/LVNs, RNs, and NPs!