Yes! Select case studies will be discussed from the over 250 peer reviewed research papers published by HeartMath, as well as the new emerging science yet to be published. Students will also be directed to our full research library for self study. HeartMath has been doing research for over 25 years, and we will carefully select the relevant research that will most apply to the needs of INCA’s membership and the interests of the group that gathers.
For both the Resilience Advantage for Nurses and the Heartmath Certification, you will need:
  • Access to a computer with reliable internet and Zoom.
  • To utilize the gift of technology, you will need a smart phone (either iOS or android). If you do not have a smart phone, that is ok… the techniques still are what make the shift for you. The technology is just a great mirror.
  • The willingness to set aside at least 3-5 minutes / day to practice.
When we cultivate coherence (physiologically, mentall and emotionally) in our lives, it sets us up to be in a highly energy efficient and effective state. This means we have the capacity to build energy, reduce stress and cultivate more resilience. When a system has more energy, it can be a neutral facilitator to any outcome that is meaningful to you. If you are needing health related facilitation, there are many studies that show the benefits to blood pressure, diabetes, weight imbalance, nervous and hormonal system function, metabolic syndrome, PTSD, TBI, etc. If you are needing more mental clarity for cognitive executive function and decision making, research shows how heart rhythm coherence facilitates brain function and our capacity to activate more of our intelligence to any situation needing more clarity. If you are needing more harmony in your relationships, both personal, team or patient related, for deeper understanding of the relational dynamics and how to be more of a coherent presence in chaos to optimize the conditions for healing, the heart’s electromagnetic field can support you when coherent. Essentially whatever you focus on, with more coherence, can benefit.
For HeartMath Resilience Advantage for Personal Care Workshop students will receive: HeartMath’s Inner Balance Sensor – BTLE (BlueTooth Low Energy) . This is a wireless sensor that pairs with either your iphone or android. It uses an infrared light to gather Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data and display it in a meaningful way on your smartphone. We will be using 2 apps as part of the learning environment: Inner Balance and Global Coherence, both downloadable for free. You will use this sensor in the Certification program too. Imagine the power of visually seeing yourself shift into a state of coherence!
The HeartMath Resilience Advantage for Nurses workshop is 90 minutes weekly for 8 weeks is taught by HeartMath Master Trainers for your personal development and does not license you to teach others. You will receive the HeartMath tools to help you transform your stress into more resilience and apply that to your personal and professional life. You will receive HeartMath’s Inner Balance Sensor technology tool. This workshop provides 14 CE credits for nursing and provides the prerequisites needed to attend the certification course. The HeartMath Resilience Advantage Trainer Certification is a 4 day intensive with preparatory work including videos and a teachers guide. This course certifies the participant to teach the HeartMath tools of the Resilience Advantage Workshop in organizations. Certified HeartMath trainers receive an independent license to be able to teach the intellectual property of HeartMath and also make a profit from the workshops. The certification also provides 32 CE credits for nursing.
With INCA:
  • You will learn the HeartMath tools specifically within the context of nursing, the healing professions, and applied with sensitivity to the unique stress and trauma of nursing and the patients we serve.
  • HeartMath corresponds to the framework of the INCA Integrative Nurse Coach model.
  • You receive a significant discount through the INCA partnership.
  • The HeartMath Resilience Advantage Trainer Certification program is more streamlined, 4 days instead of 5, based on having a specific focus of care vs. holding multiple interests.
  • The course is provided within your own community of like minded and hearted individuals who are uniquely here to care for ourselves, each other and the patients we serve together.
You can use all of the HeartMath tools to benefit your personal stress and resilience in all contexts of life.
  • If you only take the HeartMath Resilience Advantage for Nurses workshop, you will be able to use the tools in all areas of your own life, which will also positively affect others around you. You will also be given permission to share 1 of the core techniques, Quick Coherence (which is open source) to everyone you meet (nurse huddles, as a coach, safety huddles, team meetings, family dinners, etc). However, you won’t be able to teach by permission or with confidence the other 7 tools and accompanying science and evidence base without going through the full certification.
  • With the HeartMath Resilience Advantage Trainer Certification you can formally teach 8 of the HeartMath core tools within all contexts (education, coaching, family members, etc) and also have the permission to charge for those services if needed. You can also include on your credentials HMCT (HeartMath Certified Trainer).

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