Are there extra fees for Board Certification?

The AHNCC charges a fee to take both exams, as well as to recertify every 3 years. See Holistic Nurse Board Certified and Nurse Coach Board Certified for the most current rates.

What is the difference between a Nurse Health Coach and a Wellness Coach?

The priority of all coaches is to facilitate behavioral change that corresponds to a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. A main difference between Integrative Nurse Coaches and Wellness Coaches is that nurses bring a different level of education, training, and experience to the relationship. Nurse Coaches are not only capable of working with clients to establish […]

What is the difference between Holistic Nurse Board Certification and Nurse Coach Board Certification?

Both Holistic Nursing and Nurse Coaching’s philosophy of practice is to care for the person as a integrated, holistic human being, inseparable and integral with the environment. Holistic Nursing provides the holistic philosophy of practice whereas, Integrative Nurse Coaching provides an operational framework model. Nurse coaching provides a skilled, purposeful, results-oriented, and structured relationship-based communication […]

Which INCA program should I take to become eligible for board certification?

After completion of our Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program (96 contact hours) (Part 1: Integrative Nurse Coach Foundations (36 contact hours) and Part 2: Integrative Nurse Coach Practicum (60 contact hours)) all nurses who meet licensing, practice and educational requirements will qualify to take the Nurse Coach Certification Exam AND the Holistic Nurse Certification Exam.