Jenna Yenidounia
Jenna Y

I feel that my teachings from holistic approach allowed me to approach patients in a different way that wasn’t even spoken about in nursing school. INCA has taught me over the past 6 months the benefits of combining the two areas together and taught me how to be that active listener.

I feel that it is very much needed to become an advocate to health and wellness. This program has helped me to become a better me. I’m very excited to get out into the community and sharing with others the impact of wellness and the approach looking at an individual and yourself as a whole. Many people look at lifestyle by a symptom or when something is wrong. I feel the teachings through the program gives an insight that our bodies as a whole is what needs to be focused. Living our best wellness. The practice is something that will open not only your eyes but your approach as a nurse. As a nurse, we are literally on the front lines in anything, not just during a pandemic, trauma, or sickness. Nurses are the ones that are relied on.

This program has transformed me into knowing there are many opportunities for nurses and what we are able to do for others. It allowed me to branch out and find ways to approach others towards wellness. It gave me good insight and excited to be outside a corporation that is only one sided. INCA has broadened the opportunities that we as nurses can do and we can do them pretty much anywhere

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