darlene b
Darlene B

I plan to take this journey with PURPOSE, INTENTION and FEARLESSNESS.  Those are my three words for 2021, pushing through doubts, fear and procrastination.  These three words will help me navigate to the place(s) meant specifically for me.

Nurse Coaching will impact my career in a tremendous way.  I will be celebrating my 20th year as a Registered Nurse! The time has flown! I decided to take my career to a new level by becoming a nurse coach and I honestly didn’t have a reason besides wanting to help others.  The major discovery is that I became self aware. Aware of my wants, needs, strengths and my purpose.  I plan to utilize my coaching in a virtual online business that will help women enhance their personal and professional development and also manage stress with daily life struggles.  I plan to create a wellness center which will include a day spa for skincare services. Coaching has helped me re introduce me, to me! With that inner wisdom, I will be able to help other women on their journey!

Oh my goodness, I honestly feel revived.  I was going to use the word “new,” but I am who I always was.  I just happened to get lost in the daily shuffle of life, causing me to slowly withdraw from who I am.  I am motivated, empowering to others, joyful, smart, goal oriented, determined, accomplished, humorous, caring and so much more!  Becoming a coach allowed me to turn all those attributes that normally I give to others and turn it towards myself with loving kindness.  I have revived myself again, through this course by becoming self aware of what my needs are.  With this, that familiar feeling of being alive is back!  I actually have to slow down as I now have so many goals that I have set to accomplish, to ensure I do not overwhelm myself.  Self awareness is the basis of all relationships and I wish I new this 20 years ago, but that is ok!  Here I come world!

I have a greater sense of being in a way that allows me to feel my presence in the space of others.  I take time now to be still and LISTEN. Listen to what is being said and understand that sometimes what is being said or done is seperate from me.  We all interpret things from the place that we are all in.  I mean this discovery is astounding!  It has transformed me into a person that takes time to care for self.  Not in a selfish way, but in a selfless way.  I am able to set boundaries and do what I can give.  I no longer give when I am on “empty.”  I have been purposeful with completing small tasks that lead to the completion of personal goals that I set.  I was a former procrastinator and I now work very hard to decrease this sabotaging behavior.  It is a must for me to approach life in the same manner that I walk alongside my clients.  With loving kindness.

I would advise someone who is considering taking the journey into Nurse Coaching to go into it with an open mind.  Be prepared to transform your life in a positive way as evidenced by a growth mindset, self awareness, identification of strengths and self discovery.  One may enroll in the course to help others, but walk away with helping themselves too.

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