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Rosemary Spyhalsky


Meet Rosemary Spyhalsky

I have been a nurse for over 20 years. I assisted in the creation of an integrative oncology program at a local cancer clinic; cancer care and holistic nursing were first loves and a great match. I migrated to family practice in 2013 and learned that working with folks within the entire lifespan was even more rewarding. I learned early in my nursing career that self-care is a practice and commitment that better positions one to care for others; it has been an ongoing professional challenge to achieve the proverbial life work balance.

I had been working as a nurse practitioner for a few years when I started my nurse coach certification. I came to realize that my health was suffering- mentally, physically, and emotionally; it was time for big change.

Nurse coaching helped me find a path in nursing that resonated with my approach to healthcare; that everyone already knows the answers to their health concerns and challenges, and with support, can overcome the barriers to achieving their goals. In all my years of nursing, nothing made more sense to me than nurse coaching. I began my journey with coaching myself, with the aide of my cohort, and made the bold decision to step away from my role as a nurse practitioner. I embraced a position as a registered nurse that is challenging, includes nurse coaching, and supports me to find more balance in my life.

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