Debbie Rupert

Clinical Faculty

Deborah Rupert


Debbie (Deb) has over 19 years of experience as a Registered Nurse. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings including neonatal intensive care, research, oncology, pediatric and adult care in the hospital, outpatient and home environments.

Over the years, Debbie found herself frustrated and disappointed with the ‘business’ of healthcare, feeling like she could not give patients, or their families, the kind of holistic and integrated care they needed and deserved. She advanced her career into Nursing Management with the hopes of improving not only the working environment for her colleagues, but also improving patients’ experiences. A personal health crisis cut her traditional career path short and it became apparent she had to find a ‘different way’ of being a nurse.

“The beauty of suffering can be emerging to where you were really meant to be in the first place.”  Through her own healing journey she was led to enroll in the Integrative Nurse Coaching™ program, Cohort 23, in 2018. In 2019, Debbie became a Board Certified Health & Wellness Nurse Coach and a Board Certified Holistic Nurse. She opened an independent coaching practice, Breathing Willow RN, in September 2019. She is also a Clinical Faculty member and Nurse Planner (for professional continuing education) at Harmony Hill Healing Retreat working with health professionals on stress reduction and resilience building.  Debbie holds a certificate and advanced training in Functional Nutrition for Nurses and is a licensed CLIMB (Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery) Coordinator.

In her free time, Debbie enjoys being with family and friends, time in nature, funny movies, reading and traveling.