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Earth Day

Earth Day: Celebrating 50 Years

Earth Day – As we celebrate Earth Day, 2020, and the International Year of the Nurse, let us continue to uphold Nightingale’s legacy and take a leadership role in impacting the health and wellbeing of all populations, local to global.

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Complimentary Meditation

In times like these, we can find refuge in ancient inward practices that reconnect us to our deeper nature. It is resiliency in the face of uncertainty. Everyone is Welcome! Join us for this complimentary meditation!

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Sustainable Development Goals

UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals
While health care often focuses on acute or chronic illness, the elements necessary for good health are far more complex than we tend to recognize. Florence Nightingale understood this complexity and wrote extensively on the myriad social and environmental factors that influence well-being.

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