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Joanne Turnier

Finding Hope

I left Harmony Hill reflecting on the days I spent with my fellow AINCP family. Never before have I felt so at home in my own skin.  This experience was different in that it was

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Ann Webster

INC Reflection from Anne Webster

From the day I received notice that I was a Board Certified Nurse Coach, I set out to find an environment where I could use the skill set that I came to love and worked

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Janet Booth

Living Well Nurse Coaching

One of my passions in my nursing career has been to open up the conversation about ‘end of life’ in our North American culture. I’ve watched too many families come to the last days of

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Ayurveda as a model for self-care
Nancy Carlson

Introduction to Ayurveda as a Model for Self-Care As an Integrative Nurse Coach (INC), I’ve embraced Ayurveda, a holistic modality, and integrated it into my life. Ayurveda is an ancient 5,000-year-old holistic healthcare system from India. Its focus is on the individual

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