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Healthcare Reform and the Role of the Integrative Nurse Coach

As Integrative Nurse Coaches we must consider the HealthCare Reform Act and decision by the Supreme Court as an opportunity to create models of care that include nurse coaching to support health and wellness initiatives. In the process of this new law, there will be incentives in healthcare to keep people healthy, manage their disease, and to avoid re-hospitalization, setting the stage for Integrative Nurse Coaches to be in the center of this new direction as it unfolds.

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The Power of Nursing- NY Times Blog

Coaching is one of the many roles all nurses serve and this excellent article in the NY Times articulates why- mainly trust. This article demonstrates how nurses taking the lead in health and wellness coaching can have the greatest impact on positive health outcomes.

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Nutritional Healing: Back to Nature

The interest in nutrition for maintaining health and well being is on everyone’s mind these days. As the body of research grows along with information, there is also much confusion and many theories and beliefs about what a healthy nutrition plan actually looks like.

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