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Why should I take the Functional Medicine for Nurses™ course?

Functional Medicine for Nurses

  • This course is the only course that teaches functional medicine exclusively for registered nurses and advanced practice nurses.
  • This course is comprehensive enough for graduates to incorporate intervention into current practice, without the time commitment and cost of a 2+ year program.
  • This course uniquely complements nurse coaching modalities; knowledge gained and interventions learned will expand your nursing and nurse coaching skillset.
  • This course will include extensive real-life case studies to exemplify real-life scenarios where the assessment tools and clinical interventions impacted patient outcomes.
  • This course is lead by an experienced functional medicine nurse practitioner who actually uses what she is teaching in her own practice.

Functional Medicine for Nurses™ - A Root Cause Approach to Health & Healing

Functional Medicine For Nurses™ This is a comprehensive introductory continuing education course for all registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, and nurse coaches interested in integrating functional medicine into their practice. Explore the core fundamentals of functional medicine and learn practical applications that can be done at the RN licensure level and above. Nurses will have a robust understanding of functional approaches within their scope of practice. Implementing these practices can have a life altering, and potentially life saving, impact for patients and clients.