What are the Functional Medicine for Nurses classes like?

Classes will be conducted via pre-recorded training modules, reading assignments, asynchronous discussions, reflective journaling, case studies, quizzes, and a final exam (timed, open book). This allows you the greatest flexibility in learning the materials on your own schedule. Your instructor (Brigitte Sager, MSN RN ARNP FNP-C NCMP NC-BC) will be available via email and Zoom office hours (video conferencing) to answer questions and otherwise assist you in mastering the evidence-based materials presented.

Functional Medicine for Nurses - A Root Cause Approach to Health & Healing

Functional Medicine For Nurses This is a comprehensive introductory continuing education course for all registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, and nurse coaches interested in integrating functional medicine into their practice.  Explore the core fundamentals of functional medicine, with practical applications that can be done at the RN licensure level and above. Implementing these practices can have a life altering, and potentially life saving, impact for your patients and clients.
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