What is the format of the Integrative Nurse Coach™ Certificate Program?

The online Integrative Nurse Coach™ Certificate Program format provides a variety of learning strategies to meet the needs of adult learners. Video lectures and Role Play Demonstrations by Nurse Coach Experts and the leaders in the field of Nurse Coaching provides superior quality of knowledge and example sharing. Online Discussion Groups and Web Conferencing sessions establishes a community of learning, support, and interaction that deepens your long term connection to each other and your mentors. Current Resources are shared such as research articles and textbook readings. Written Transcripts and Quizzes will validate your growth. Peer to Peer Coaching Practice and real Client Coaching leads to mastery of skills. Supervisory Group web conferencing with Faculty and written transcript feedback assures the personal connection to content and faculty. Our faculty work individually with students and in small groups throughout the program offering a “hands on” personalized approach.
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