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Earth Day
Environmental Health

Earth Day: Celebrating 50 Years

Earth Day – As we celebrate Earth Day, 2020, and the International Year of the Nurse, let us continue to uphold Nightingale’s legacy and take a leadership role in impacting the health and wellbeing of all populations, local to global.

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Childhood Obesity Epidemic and the Nurse Coach Role

Many physicians recognize the need for families to make lifestyle changes, and may even encourage their patients to increase physical activity and improve their diets. However, more is needed. If a physician recommends an increase in physical activity or changes in diet, the whole family needs support and ongoing guidance in making those changes. Nurses, and specifically Nurse Coaches, have the skills and expertise to effectively support families in making changes to reverse these escalating patterns of illness for a more sustainable future.

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osage nurse coaching
INC Reflections

Osage Nurse Coaching – Extraordinary Farm-Based Center for Health and Healing

As a nurse coach, I work with nurses, individuals, groups, and communities seeking experiences of healing and wholeness. My practice, Osage Nurse Coaching, provides a farm-based center for healing. Inspired by the work of Kentucky author and poet Wendell Berry related to culture and agriculture, I believe that being connected to the rhythms and seasons of the farm can inspire others on their journey to wholeness and well being. Farms and farming can teach us about health and healing.

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