HeartMath® Resilience Advantage™ for Nurses
HeartMath® Certified Trainer Program

HeartMath® Certified Trainer AND Resilience Advantage™ for Nurses

Part 1: The Resilience Advantage™ for Nurses

This program guides all through an experience on how we access and apply heart intelligence to benefit our day to day lives. This world-renowned program was adapted exclusively for the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy.

Part 2: HeartMath® Certified Trainer Program

This program provides organizational and independent coaches and consultants with the training and license to deliver The Resilience Advantage™, a best-in-class, science-based workshop used by major hospital systems, Fortune 500 companies, the US Navy and private trainers and consultants worldwide.

This bundle includes the HeartMath® Certified Trainer Program AND The Resilience Advantage™ for Nurses. Save over 25% when you get HeartMath® certified through the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy.


heartmath certification resilience bundle

Program Overview

8 Weeks – 14 Contacts Hours*

June 2 – August 11, 2021

Meets live each Wednesday 7:00PM ET – 8:30PM ET

You will learn a series of 8 evidence-based techniques based on how emotions affect heart rhythm patterns, and apply that to your self-care, inner balance, intuitive decision making and connected communication. All the techniques aim to create a new optimal baseline in the autonomic nervous system.

You will be able to see immediate shifts in their heart rate variability patterns, through the inner balance sensor, an HRV technology that connects to your smart phone (included with the program).

The program will consist of eight, 90 min on-line sessions, as well as four, 30 min private coach mentoring sessions to deepen integration of the practices.

Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners who successfully complete the program will receive 14 Contact Hours*

Four day Online Immersive 

32 Contact Hours*

  • Complete the four day  ONLINE immersive training that includes:
    • Instruction on best practices for delivering The Resilience Advantage workshop.
    • Overview plus Q&A session on the HeartMath science.
    • Instruction on how to teach program participants to use HeartMath’s emWave® and Inner Balance technology.
    • Small group coaching sessions with master trainers.
  • Receive training materials
    • Resilience Advantage trainer manual.
    • PowerPoint, including video and additional material.
    • Sample copy of the program participant guidebook(s) and pocket guide.
  • Connection
    • Membership in Facebook groups plus email news for regular program updates, new developments and support.
    • A comprehensive Trainer Resources Website and Promotional Resources.
    • Articles and Marketing information.


Once certified, participants can deliver public workshops, or private workshops within nonprofit or for-profit organizations, including schools, community and social-service agencies, government institutions, hospitals, clinics throughout North America and in many countries elsewhere in the world.

You also may elect to incorporate any of The Resilience Advantage™ modules, tools or techniques into your existing training programs.

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*The HeartMath Resilience Advantage is a nursing continuing professional development activity and was approved by the California Board of Nursing for 14 contact hours. **The HeartMath Resilience Advantage is a nursing continuing professional development activity and was approved by the California Board of Nursing for 32 contact hours.

The Resilience Advantage™
for Nurses

  • 14 Contact Hours
  • Eight 90 Minute Webinars Delivered Live With Recording Access
  • Four 30 minute Private Coaching Calls with a Licensed HeartMath Trainer
  • Downloadable Workbooks, Tool Cards, Audio Tools
  • HeartMath's Inner Balance Technology for iOS and Android Devices
  • A special group in the Global Coherence Initiative Care App for doing Heart Lock-Ins together with the Inner Balance Devices

HeartMath® Certified Trainer

  • 32 Contact Hours
  • Four, 1 Day Live (online) Sessions, including: Role Modeling, Teach backs and Strategic Integration.
  • Four, 50 min private pre mentoring calls with Licensed HeartMath Coach (this pre-requisite is satisfied with The Resilience Advantage for Nurses workshop).
  • HeartMath Biofeedback Technology Access to HeartMath’s Certified Professional Community for on-going professional development.
  • Access to HeartMath’s Trainer Resource Center, including power points, trainers guidebooks, training worksheets, marketing materials, IP use permissions, supplemental videos, and more.

Resilience Advantage

Part 1: Resilience Advantage for Nurses

Introduction. Core Heart Qualities & Building Resilience
  • Introduction. Coming together, introductions, and exploration of the heart qualities/core values for building resilience in personal and professional life. Connecting this heart-based framework with the INCA model.
  • Resilience. We are energy systems that deplete and renew energy. We will explore strategies to help build personal resilience capacity-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – with a primary focus on the emotional domain.) This module helps you become more aware of your emotional energy expenditures and how it affects resilience, and how we can begin to build our energy reserves.
  • A Short Movie – Atmospheres. This will demonstrate how life experiences can have an underlying emotional soundtrack that affects our physiology impacting perception. We see the world through how we feel.
  • Depleting and Renewing Emotions. We will explore more specific examples of depleting and renewing emotions and their impact on physiology. Engage in a Self-Awareness exercise to explore energy draining situations, and the leverage we have to stop the drain.
  • Introduction to the Quick Coherence® Technique. This technique provides a quick shift into a coherence which facilitates physiological, mental and emotional balance.
The Physiology of Coherence & Depletion to Renewal
  • Heart-Focused Breathing(HFB) Technique. This technique starts the process of neutralizing energy-draining emotions and the impact they have on our physiology. It is designed to reduce high intensity energy-drain and is the first step in getting coherent.
  • The Physiology of Coherence and Optimal Functioning. This includes the core science underpinning the HeartMath system, with a specific focus on coherence and heart rate variability (HRV) and their relationship to optimal functioning, performance and resilience. We will look at how emotions affect the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), and their impact on cortical function.
  • The Depletion to Renewal Grid. This is a reflective activity illustrating the relationship between the intensity of emotions and their effect on the ANS and hormonal system. These two systems regulate 90 % of our body s internal functions. This grid will help build a refined self-awareness for overall well-being.
  • The Quick Coherence® Technique. This technique builds on the Heart-Focused Breathing and adding renewing & regenerating emotions to help stabilize the shift into a coherent state. The micro practices of coherence can quickly begin to build our resilience capacity.
Heart Rate Variability Technology for Self-Care
  • Building and Sustaining Resilience. Three key strategies provide ways for practical integration of the resilience building techniques. These frameworks are:
    • Prep – setting the tone for the day and potentially stressful events.
    • Shift and Reset – shifting from a reaction, minimizing the internal drain, and resetting the nervous system.
    • Sustain – building coherence proactively to gain energy (not just to recover from a reaction).
  • emWave® demo. This live HRV demo shows in real time, how emotions impact our heart rhythm patterns, and how quickly the HeartMath tools can help create coherence. It provides greater scientific understanding to practice the techniques for personal benefit.
  • HRV Technology – Deeper Instruction and Integration. This will help you understand the navigation and learning environments of the technology received in the program. Both the Inner Balance and Global Coherence Apps will be downloaded to help integrate it into practice. If desired, it is optional to set up individual or group accounts to help encourage personal and collective practice. The Heart Lock-In® technique will be introduced as a way to practice and sustain coherence over a longer period of time.
Balanced Care and Inner Ease
  • Technique and Tool Review. A quick but thorough review of techniques and tools learned so far.
  • Balanced Care vs Overcare. This provides an understanding the nuances of “care” and how it can be energy saving or depleting pending on how we do it. Most assume if they are worrying about someone or something that they are “caring.” This module provides a distinction between the energy renewing side of balanced care and the energy depleting side of overcare.
  • The Inner-EaseTechnique. This technique helps further develop coherence while on the move for sustained composure. The state of inner ease is not an internal sleepy-headed state or merely a place of relaxation, but one of a balanced inner mental and emotional rhythm and attitude. It allows us to move with greater ease throughout the day. It is a state of more internal “active calm,” allowing greater discernment to effectively handle life situations.
Practical Intuition and Coherent Decision Making
  • Practical Intuition. This module introduces a practical understanding of intuition by exploring three frameworks: implicit knowledge, energetic sensitivity and non-local intuition. We explore how intuition enhances decision-making, relationships, and perceptions, and discuss recent science on intuition and how we can access it more often.
  • A Short Perception Test – Inattentional Blindness. A short movie and a experience demonstrating how we often perceive only what we pay attention to
Relational Energetics and Connected Communication
  • Relational Energetics. This gives the science behind how we affect each other in the electromagnetic fields, beyond just through verbal or written interactions, and how this affects us physiologically, emotionally and energetically. The heart magnetic field acts as a carrier wave of our emotions and attitudes, and it is transmitted to others and our environment having an impact. This is essential to understand as a care giver and nurse coach in terms of how to optimize the healing environment.


  • The Energetics of Communication. This highlights the impact of sending mixed messages, engaging in drama and the consequence of miscommunication. When communication is not coherent, costly errors and mistakes can result. We will identify those communication issues that can lead to energetic inefficiency and the impact on the work environment.


  • Coherent CommunicationTechnique. This module provides a technique for essence communication which is key to creating a meaningful connection with our patients and each other. Participants will integrate heart coherence into both the speaking and listening to one another. This technique can also facilitate and enhance other communication skills already learned. We will experience receiving the essence of another person without judgment, speaking from a coherent place, and the importance of mutual understanding. Coherent Communication facilitates other techniques such as Active Listening in terms of creating a heart coherent state before communicating or listening, with the goal of staying coherent during the conversation.
Establishing a New Optimal Baseline – Physiologically & Emotionally.
  • Technique and Tool Review. We will pause to do a deeper review of techniques and tools learned so far.
  • Establishing a New Baseline. This section explores the scientific underpinning behind physiological and behavioral baselines and how we can default to automatic settings. We will explore how certain behaviors and habit patterns may serve (or not) us or those around us optimally. This will provide deeper understanding on how our physiological and emotional patterns can inhibit the process of building and sustaining resilience, and help us leverage new strategies to build a new and optimal physiological baseline.
  • The Heart Lock-In® Technique. This technique helps individuals generate and sustain coherence over period of time to help establish a new coherent baseline in the autonomic nervous system and heart rate variability patterns. When practiced consistently, it provides beneficial and sustained changes, physically, mentally and emotional. It not only builds and sustains resilience but helps to create a coherent field environment at home or at work.
  • Sleep and Resilience. Several studies show the relationship between work fatigue, levels of sleep and how that affects our performance. In particular, a correlation between lack of sleep and blood alcohol levels has shown big declines in performance. This section will explore how coherence can facilitate the regeneration that comes with rest and sleep.
Integrating Coherence into all levels of Life
  • Strategies for Building Resilience Capacity. We will create action plans to follow for immediate integration as well as to help guide how we manage our day-to-day energy drains and gains. We will particularly focus on past, current and upcoming life situations that are actively draining us and explore which tools to use to plug the unique drains. We will also intentionally focus on how to build energy more proactively for increased resilience capacity.
  • Heart Mapping® Technique. In this module we will create in-depth maps on how to integrate all the tools learned into multiple layers of life. This is a multipurpose technique for a variety of situations: project planning; prioritization; planning or managing life situations… but we will also explore how the heart can guide all of us in our practice as nurses, coaches and care givers. We will engage our higher intelligence to illuminate the creations wanting to emerge as well as understanding the perceived blocks. It is an opportunity to use coherence to engage both the brain and the heart in planning, organizing, innovating, creating, etc.

Part 2: HeartMath Certified Trainer

Role Model Day
  • HeartMath Master Trainers will role model the official Resilience Advantage workshop, giving it context to nursing, trauma and the INCA model.
  • You will experience the workshop as both a participant and a trainer, receiving a deeper understanding of the intelligence behind the content, science and educational design.
  • You will also receive deeper training insight relative to the HeartMath content, ranging from: creating experiences, essence listening and group inquiry.
  • You will learn how to present the material in both an online as well as in-person context
  • Note: This Day usually roles over to part of Day 2.
Role Model Part 2, Teach Back Part 1
  • The first half of this day continues the role model from day 1
  • The second half of this day begins a process where each participant will teach back approximately 20 minutes of content to a smaller group of individuals (in separate breakout rooms).
  • Each participant will receive supportive coaching, feedback and insight to help deliver this content in a meaningful and effective way.
  • These sessions are designed to be fun, engaging and safe. There are no mistakes… only meaningful ways we can learn from one another, while receiving deeper insight into how we can effectively train with heart.
Complete Teach Back Part 1 and begin Teach Back Part 2
  • First half of the day completes Teach Back Part 1.
  • The second half of the day, participants begin Teach Back Part 2, teaching back a second, 20 min segment.
  • This helps integrate and anchor learnings from Teach Back Part 1.
Complete Teach Back Part 2, and Strategic Integration, Q & A, Trainers Resource Center, Graduation Ceremony
  • First half: Completion of Teach Back Part 2 assignments in breakout rooms.
  • Second half of this final day is designed to bring it all together.
    • Unresolved questions are answered.
    • A navigation of HeartMath’s Trainers Resource Center and free support environments is provided.
    • How to work with the modules when you can only train in shorter durations.
    • Engage in heart based tools to create a strategic personal plan to integrate this training material into your personal and professional environments.
    • Graduation Celebration!
    • Sustainability, continuing education if wanted, and options for next steps.

Course Faculty

Sheva Carr

Sheva Carr

Co-Director at HeartMath Healthcare, architect and director of HeartMath's HeartMastery Program, CEO of Heart Ambassadors
Sheva Carr is Co-Director at HeartMath Healthcare, architect and director of HeartMath’s HeartMastery Program, CEO of Heart Ambassadors, Executive Director of The Fyera Foundation, and Co-Vice President and UN delegate for UN Peace Messenger organization Pathways To Peace.
Robert Browning

Robert Browning

PhD (h.c.)
HeartMath Co-Director of Healthcare, Director for Health Partnerships and Senior Master Trainer.
Robert Browning, PhD (h.c.) is HeartMath’s Co-Director of Healthcare, Director for Health Partnerships and Senior Master Trainer. For over 25 years with HeartMath, he’s trained more than 21,000 individuals in heart-based living and helps lead programs at: Kaiser Permanente, Stanford, Ascension, Dignity and the VA. He oversees HeartMath’s healthcare alliances focused on self-care, human caring and wholeness healing. Robert received an Honorary Doctorate in Human Caring and Caring Science from Dr. Jean Watson, Founder and Director, Watson Caring Science Institute and Dean Emerita-University of Colorado, Denver, College of Nursing. His dedicated work in nursing is published in American Nurse Today, Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, and Stress Health.

The Resilience Advantage™ is a program that provides 8 core tools and foundational science from the HeartMath system. Scientifically validated, it is built upon over 25 years of evidence-based research on the interaction between emotional states, heart rate variability, the autonomic nervous system, and system-wide coherence. These coherence building tools are successfully tested in 1000’s of health care settings, with their efficacy first published in the American Journal of Cardiology in 1995. You’ll learn techniques proven to balance heart rhythm patterns in-the-moment, making them easy to implement inside of demanding workloads in patient care settings.

The tools enhance systemic physiological coherence which develop resilience amidst stressful environments… reducing burnout, fatigue and exhaustion, while improving health and well-being for patients and practitioners. These tools help us connect to the heart of our profession, with increased personal fulfillment, more sustainable care and compassion, and deeper integrity to and connection with our core values and true purpose.

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