Nurses can make a big difference in how people experience the end of their lives. Most people in our modern health care system still come unprepared into the end of life – their own, and those of their loved ones. Much of peoples’ suffering seems to come from this unfamiliarity with the journey at end of life – and their not knowing how to prepare. Preparation for the last part of our lives would ideally start long before people become hospice-appropriate. Nurses care for patients in their most vulnerable moments, from birth through death. They have the opportunity to ask open questions about what matters most to people all throughout the trajectory of illness. However, without opportunities for self-reflection, talking about end of life can be an uncomfortable conversation for most nurses and other health care professionals. This course will help you build skills and capacities for these important conversations – as well as give you a re-imagined perspective on what might be possible if we talked more openly about living and dying.
This program is appropriate for all nurses, whether or not you have experience in end of life care or coaching. It will help you gain greater insight into the value of conversations about the end of life for yourself, family, and the patients you serve. In addition, some nurse coaches might be intrigued by how to coach people related to serious illness and end of life – not areas we typically think of with coaching practices. Some nurses might be curious about working from a coaching perspective – particularly nurses who have worked in hospice and palliative care, ICUs, elder care, and oncology. These are areas where nurses routinely spend time with seriously ill patients – and their families – and may be intrigued by a different approach to their nursing practice.
You will need to order the paperback book through Amazon as the book contains required readings.
This course is provided online, so internet access is required.
Each module is one week to give you the time needed to read, reflect, write and develop insights to create a plan of action.
There is one web conferencing session in the last module where we will meet online for discussion. The live session date/time will be decided in the first week of the course.

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