My Journey as an Integrative Nurse Coach® – Cohort 1

My Journey as an Integrative Nurse Coach® began in New York City in 2010.

I am a proud graduate of the first class of INCCP which was held in NYC at the Alma Matthews House in 2010.

My nursing practice has been in various Hospitals, Home Health and Hospice Organizations. While I retired from full time nursing in the fall of 2013, I continue to explore ways of using nurse coaching skills in my personal life and with family members.

My interests and research during the last 2 years include the areas of the environment, end of life care, mental health, diabetes, stress reduction, nutrition, change theory and spiritual/community health.  I have listed some sites that I have found useful in improving my own health and in my discussions with family members.

I am very happy to include the improving results of my own A1C levels over the last 5 years as well as a very successful response to ECT treatments for depression. I found that I spent so much time on my nursing career, family responsibilities and helping others (which I loved doing) that I did not do enough for myself. I have been able to reverse the “busy syndrome” and have found all of the lessons we discussed in INCCP extremely useful and realized that I needed to implement these lessons more fully into my own life.

On a note regarding successfully transitioning to retirement at age 70, I am thoroughly enjoying our 3 grandchildren, weekend trips throughout New England with my husband and spending more time with our 3 adult children and Skyping with 3 sisters and 2 brothers spread out over the country.

My plan is to continue with my own wellness goals and to provide nurse coaching for selected individuals and groups. As you can see I have found my Nurse Coaching education extremely helpful both personally and professionally. I would also like to pursue Nurse Coach recertification in 2018 and to be more faithful to the monthly conference calls that Jeanne Browning has lead for Group 1 over the last several years! Thank you Jeanne and a big Hello to my friends and esteemed leaders from Group 1!

Bivinsa1CBest wishes to all INCA Colleagues


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