Melody Love Hawkins, WHNP-BC, CNM, RN, BSN, MSN

Integrative Nurse Coach

About Melody Love

My nursing career began in 2006. I had been a Certified Doula when I encountered the profession of Nurse Midwifery. That sparked my journey to become a Nurse Midwife. I obtained an AS in both Pre-Nursing and Behavioral Science from Georgia Military College, BSN from Medical College of Georgia, MSN and Post Master’s Certificate from Frontier Nursing University. I have a deep love for assisting anyone towards becoming higher versions of themselves, but an even deeper passion for assisting women in that endeavor. I have experience in 1st surgical assist, the pain management setting, as well as providing both pre & postoperative care in urological outpatient procedures. I am a Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse Midwife. I retired from the US Air Force 2yrs ago (as a CNM) and have been working diligently since then to restore my own health. I’m an adjunct clinical instructor at a local college for RN students. I have an incessant thirst/hunger for continued knowledge and more ways to assist my clients/patients. As such, I will also begin a dual DNP/MPH program in the fall. I’m very excited to begin this new chapter in life.
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