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Charles Sanders
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I was first trained as an Integrative Health Coach by Duke and then found INCA. From there I completed the INCCP program and became Nurse Coach-Board Certified. I am forever honored and grateful to be connected to this wonderful and healing movement of nurse coaches from around the world.

I’ve been a nurse for 7 years and through this journey I have had the privilege to work with many incredible nurses and also honored to serve many precious patients and families. However, even though I feel called to the nursing profession I have had to confront my own nursing burnout, but something keeps drawing me back to this powerful and healing profession. Because of my strong connection to the nursing and coaching profession I have decided to pursue a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London. As part of my training I will be conducting research to learn how positive psychology approaches can be linked to nursing and other healthcare professional burnout and work engagement. Thank you INCA and fellow nurse coaches who have reignited my fire for the nursing profession. I am excited about the many possibilities that exist for nurse coaches and honored to be a pioneer with fellow like‐minded colleagues as we face the current challenges within our changing healthcare system.