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Courtney Allen-Gentry
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Courtney has more than thirty years experience helping remove gallbladders, fixing broken bones & assisting in brain surgery in the middle of the night at hospitals around the country.
Affectionately dubbed Nurse Courtney as a Camp nurse at band camp, she is well known for her natural remedies, non-traditional cures and radically proactive approach to health, wellness and acute injury. Integrating nursing knowledge and direct patient care experience with alternative treatments utilizing herbal first aid, Spiritual support, Chakra healing, diet therapy and Holistic assessments gives. Nurse Courtney a unique approach to care. A teacher of healthful living, chronic disease prevention, environmental consciousness and consumption of care, Nurse Courtney knows from first hand experience how the toxic western diet laden with high fructose corn syrup and cheap oils is ruining the health of the nation. A long term loser, having lost 60 pounds and keeping them off for nearly 20 years, Nurse Courtney is a staunch advocate of bike commuting, locally sourced food and national regulation of high fructose corn syrup. These days she can be found providing Public Health Nursing & Integrative Nurse Coaching services at non traditional venues throughout her Community, writing, gardening, teaching & tuning her vibration to joy!